November 5, 2024 General Election 



Council Member at Large

Council Member at Large

Council Member at Large

 4 year term

4 year term

4 year term

4 year term

Currently held by Pam VanArsdale

Currently held by Grace Howell

Currently held by Barb Hilty

Currently held by Barg Gregory



At the time of election to City office, a candidate must be:

  • A qualified elector as defined in Section 2, Article II of the Oregon Constitution, and;
  • Shall have been a resident within the city limits of the City of Rogue River for the twelve-month period immediately preceding the November 5, 2024, election.

The 2024 City election is regulated by state election law and the city of Rogue River City Charter and Ordinances. Candidates are required to comply with the election requirements of these regulations.  Election forms and petitions must be completed properly and submitted within the designated filing period. The City must reject filings that are incomplete or improperly submitted.  Deficient election forms or petitions may be corrected and resubmitted within the designated period.


Monday, June 3, 2024 through Tuesday, August 27, 2024 during normal business hours, 9:00am to 5:oopm Monday through Thursday.

All election forms and petitions should be filed in advance of the final filing day so that the City has enough time to review the forms for completeness and the County can verify the signatures on petitions. If deficiencies in the election forms and petitions are found, they must be corrected and resubmitted to the City by the close of business on the final filing day August 27, 2024 by 5:00 pm.



Step 1:

COMPLETE AND RETURN THE FOLLOWING FORMS to the City prior to gathering signatures.     

  • Certification of Qualified Elector/Residency (City Form):  This form states that the candidate is a qualified elector, has been a resident of the City of Rogue River for the twelve-month period immediately preceding the election, and is a resident of the City they are filing for.
  • File Prospective Petition (SEL 101):  This is a state form for any candidate running for nonpartisan positions.  Please complete the entire form including employment, education, and governmental experience.
  • Petition for Nonpartisan Nomination Signature Sheet (SEL 121):  Candidates must fill out the information at the top o f one form.  The Petition ID number is not necessary for candidate nominations.  When the City verifies the prospective petition is correct, a letter authorizing signature gathering will be provided.  City staff will have the candidate sign the first line of one petition.  This process verifies the candidate is a qualified elector.  Once you have received the letter from the City you are authorized to gather signatures.

 Step 2:

GATHER AT LEAST 20 SIGNATURES AND FILE COMPLETED SEL 338 Petition Submission (After approval of above forms):

After approval by the City the petition signature sheets (SEL 121) must be signed by a minimum of twenty (20) registered voters who reside within the City of Rogue River.

It is suggested that petition circulators obtain twenty-five (25) or more signatures in case some are disqualified.  Signatures and addresses on petitions must be identical to the way they appear on voter registration cards filed at the County Elections Office.

After you have gathered the required 20 signatures you must submit State form SEL 338 with each signature sheet. The City will take the signature sheets to the Jackson County Elections office for verification. The City will inform you once the signatures have been verified if you need to gather more, or if you have the qualifying amount.

Once at least 20 signatures have been verified you are now an official candidate for the City of Rogue River. You may begin your campaign. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Withdrawal of Candidacy or Nomination (SEL 150)

 If a candidate wishes to withdraw his/her candidacy or nomination, this form must be filed with the City Recorder no later than close of business on August 30, 2024.



The Jackson County Clerk will prepare, print and distribute a County Voter's Pamphlet for the 2024 General Election.  Candidates intending to file a statement for publishing in the Voter's Pamphlet must do so at the Jackson County Elections Department no later than close of business on September 9, 2024.  The fee for submitting information to the County for the voter's pamphlet is $50 (for City of Rogue River candidates).


In accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 260.522, no candidate or principal campaign committee may print, post, broadcast, mail, circulate or otherwise publish any written matter, photograph or broadcast relating to the candidate’s campaign unless it contains the name and address of the candidate or principal campaign committee responsible for the publication and a statement that the publication was authorized by the candidate or principal campaign committee. The phrase “Authorized by” must be included in the statement, although the phrase “Paid for by” may also be used.


Lawn campaign signs do not require a City sign permit as long as they do not exceed four (4) square feet and are erected for no more than 45 days.  However, signs or posters placed within the City of Rogue River, exceeding four (4) square feet require a sign permit from the City of Rogue River.  Regulation of signs in rural Jackson County is regulated by the Jackson County Land Development Ordinance Chapter 9 Section 6. 


  • The terms of office for the City’s open positions shall commence on the first Council meeting in January.
  • The Rogue River City Council conducts its regular meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.
  • The City Council conducts Workshops on the First and Third Thursdays of each month at 10:00 a.m. (Subject to change)
  • The City Council also meets as part of the Budget Committee generally for one or two meetings in April or May.
  • The City Council is also encouraged to be a representative in a variety of committees and commissions. These will be assigned after the first of the year following the election.


Filing of financial documents is done with the Oregon Secretary of State, Elections Division. Filing is done electronically, and all the information you will need regarding this process can be found at the state’s website: www.sos.state.or.us/elections/

Please review the Campaign Finance Manual http://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/campaign-finance.pdf for instructions and filing schedule.

All candidates must establish a campaign account and file a Statement of Organization designating a candidate committee, UNLESS the candidate meets all three of the following conditions:

  • The candidate serves as the candidate's own treasurer, AND
  • The candidate does not have an existing candidate committee; AND
  • The candidate does not expect to receive OR spend more than $750 during the calendar year.

QUESTIONS - If you have other questions or need additional information please contact the City at 541-582-4401, or call the Jackson County Elections Office at 541-774-6148.